Bathroom Remodeling Experts In Memphis

Planning your ultimate dream bathroom involves plenty of decisions, but the most important decision you will face is choosing the right contractor to bring your vision to life. Bathroom remodels are one of the biggest and most valuable home investments you’ll probably make. It can also be one of the most frustrating projects you’ll ever experience, especially if you choose the wrong bathroom remodeling company. Unlike bathroom fixtures, you can’t just pick a contractor out of a catalog. There’s more to it than personal preference or even budget, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. To ease some of your stress, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 3 bathroom renovation companies in Memphis. These companies are all listed with the Better Business Bureau and have extensive experience with bathroom remodeling. If you’re in the process of planning a new remodel and want to hire a reputable company to handle the job, start by researching our recommended companies below. We’ve also provided some of the most important qualifications you should be looking for when choosing a bathroom remodeling company!

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Top 3 Memphis Bathroom Renovation Companies

1. Robbins Construction Phone: (901) 557-8367 | Facebook | Website
Robbins Construction specializes in bathroom remodeling and has a passion for quality and design. The company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2016 and currently owns an A+ rating. They’ve been renovating bathrooms for over 18 years and they’re ready to help with your next project. They also remodel kitchens and outdoor porches! Visit their website to schedule a consultation or view their portfolio of previously completed bathroom renovations.

2. 901 Remodeling Phone: (855) 901-7366 | Facebook | Website
901 Remodeling is a family owned renovation company that specializes in bathroom remodeling. They pride themselves on offering clients affordable services, qualified staff and being able to get the most out of the space they remodel. 901 Remodeling is listed with the Better Business Bureau and currently owns an A+ rating. They have successfully completed over 1000 remodeling projects and have a portfolio available on their website to see pictures from completed jobs.

3. Williamsburg Home Services Phone: (901) 614-3100 | Facebook | Website
Williamsburg Home Services offers bathroom renovation services, plus other repair and maintenance solutions. Whether your deck needs to be re-leveled or you want to install new cabinets in your kitchen, the good people at Williamsburg Home Services can handle it all. The company is Better Business Bureau listed and currently owns an A+ rating. They also have a portfolio available on Houzz where you can view pictures from projects they have successfully completed. The company has one main purpose, to help people enrich their lives & homes. Customer reviews and the ability to request services are also available directly from the Williamsburg Home Services website!

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5 Qualifications Your Contractor Should Have

Selecting the right bathroom contractor is a big decision. The wrong choice could end up costing countless hours of time and more money than you initially wanted to spend. Choosing the right bathroom remodeling company can make your project process easier, faster and more affordable. When evaluating your options, it might be tempting to go with the company offering the lowest price. But, this isn’t usually a good factor to use when remodeling your bathroom. Instead, look for a bathroom contractor that has each of the qualifications listed below. Finding a bathroom renovation company in Memphis that meets all of the criteria below ensures that you’re hiring a team that is reputable and reliable!

1. Relevant Experience – The bathroom is a unique area inside every home because it has more plumbing than anywhere else. The floors often see more water than any other part of the house and showers, tubs and toilets can vary in both size and shape from one bathroom to another. With all of that in mind, you can see why it’s important to hire a contractor that has relevant experience. For example, if you want to get a new bathroom sink installed then it’s probably better to hire someone who’s installed them before versus someone who hasn’t. Someone with experience will know how to plan and execute a bathroom renovation properly which will save you both time and money. When comparing companies, think about the exact features you want and look for those within a potential companies portfolio. So, if you’re wanting to get a new walk-in shower then when looking a contractors portfolio you should be looking for previous jobs where they designed and built a new walk-in shower.

2. Testimonials & Reviews – Another very important step when evaluating potential companies is to see what past clients and other business partners are saying about them. Testimonials, references and reviews all give you great insight into what it’s really like working with that company. Keep an eye out for mentions of the quality in workmanship, the collaborative approach, and their willingness to work through issues that arise. While it may take some time to seek out these references and testimonials, hearing directly from past clients and business partners will give you a clear sense of what it’s actually like to work with a particular contractor.

3. Respect For Your Budget – You want a contractor that can deliver the best project for the least amount of money. However, prioritizing cost above everything else can be a risky approach. Instead, what you should be looking for is a remodeling company that is not only committed to working within your budget, but will do so while considering overall value. When searching for the right bathroom contractor it’s important you look at them holistically as opposed to just the bottom line. If one bid is significantly lower than all others, you may want to look a bit deeper to find out why. While it can certainly be tempting to choose the company with the lowest bid, this could end up causing major headaches and extra money down the road.

4. Licensing, Bonding & Insurance – You will want to be sure your bathroom remodeling contractor is fully licensed to do work in your state. You can check this by asking for them to provide a copy of their license in the proposal or qualification responses. Next, you will want to make sure the company you choose is bonded. This helps protect you in the event that the company is unable to complete the project or executes it poorly. You should also be sure they have the proper amount of liability and property damage insurance, as well as worker’s compensation. Ask for insurance certificates in your request for qualifications or proposal. Any reputable company will be happy to show you proof for all three of these very important pieces of information.

5. Their Own Subcontractors – Quality subcontractors are an essential part of any successful construction project. You want to be sure you’re selecting a bathroom remodeling company that assembles the best team possible to get your job done. Partner with a company that has experience with the local subcontractor market. They’ll be much more familiar with the quality of work and professionalism of the various companies. They have also probably developed relationships with the subcontractors they trust and use often, and those relationships can help improve your overall project. Finally, the renovation company should have a plan in place to qualify new subcontractors so that you know they’re only bringing reputable people onto your job site.

Bathroom Remodeling Companies in Memphis

No matter how major or minor an upgrade you wish to make in your bathroom, you’ll enjoy better results when you hire a Memphis professional to handle the job. Reputable bathroom contractors have the industry experience needed to maximize your renovations potential. Still, it can be difficult to find a remodeling company that you not only trust, but is also the right fit for your project. By looking for the qualifications listed above, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re hiring a contractor whom is both reputable and licensed. Planning your next bathroom remodeling project doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Start by looking into the three Memphis renovation company recommendations we listed above, then look for the qualifications that will ensure you hire someone who is both reliable and experienced!